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Literature Review

We commenced this project by reviewing 14 International medical research papers which explore the effects of sound within hospitals. These papers tells us that the soundscapes of our hospital spaces are having adverse effects on recovery—the very purpose of the hospital itself.

Using these as a justification to continue this artistic enquiry, we also generated a literature review which is available here to read.  The process included artist Vic McEwan requesting PhD Candidate ... to  compile a body of relevant research to review.  Acoustic Engineer Shane Fahey then worked with McEwan to review and compile a final literature review which is available to read here. 

Project Essay

The Harmonic Oscillator has ended up with such a rich variety of outcomes, that Vic McEwan decided to write a paper that outlined not only the theoretical reasons for this project but also something of a journal, examining the process of working in a hospital space as an artist, confronted by issues of life and death and the resulting emotional journey this creates, combined with the need for both artistic and practical outcomes. 

This paper outlines all of the work that was made and the process in getting there. It also places the project in some reference to sound art, art in hospitals, as well as critical theory of people and place. 

You can read the paper here

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