The Longest Heartbeat
A Sound Installation: In the north of Scotland is the one place on Earth where sounds last longer than anywhere else, with a reverb time of 2 minutes long. What would it mean to work with a patient to record their heartbeat and then replay and re-record it in this space? This video documentation of the process accompanies an installation that can be small and intimate or large and immense depending on the exhibition space. Watch the video via the link below.
Textures of Absence
Working with patient Elisha Carter, we used images of familiar textures taken from around her home and her school. We projected these onto the bed to which she was now bound by her illness. The projections transformed the white, stark and
impersonal hospital ward into a place of the imagination, fueled by images of the familiar. “I can see mountains with rivers coming off them”. Follow the link below to hear Elisha discussing the process.
Prepared Hospital Bed
What memories lie within the rubble of a half demolished hospital and how can we extract sound from within the very material structure of place to allow us emotional connection to all that has gone on there? This video and sound piece, filmed over two days in the rubble of the half demolished “old” hospital in which this project began, creates sound by placing contact microphones on hospital beds and playing them with cello bows.
Sound and Video Installation: A flotilla of machinery arc around the beds of in intensive care ward:
Administering Morphine
Administering Dopamine
Administering Fentanyl
Administering Atracurium
Administering Midazolam
Administering Adrenalin
The list goes on.​

This work explores the sounds that exist outside of our human range of hearing but which still have a physical and psychological effect on us. The unspoken and the unheard within our hospitals.
Imagined Instruments
Interactive Sound and Video Installation: Three "Instruments" created from personal human sounds uttered during the navigation of life and illness. Allowing us to interact and compose music directly from the human experience.

These three interactive instruments have been made by taking a recording of a child's cry, a sneeze, and a soft moan and tuning them across the range of musical keyboards to create interactive musical and video experiences.
Orchestra of Tears
Interactive Installation: This work honours the role of the artist within places of trauma. This large scale installation involves an interactive interface which allows people to trigger videos of red tears to be projected onto sculptural forms. Once the projected tear reaches the bottom of each canvas, a triggered valve creates a drop of water which continues the journey to the floor below, landing on a chime bar and creating a tone from each interaction.
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